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My Frontend Ledger

Discover the creative force driving my work, the stories I tell through design, and the dedication that fuels every project. Welcome to the artistry behind the pixels.

How I work

My workflow: I'm just trying not to break anything

I'm a web developer, but I'm not quite a programmer. I can't write code without errors, and I always forget how a particular function works. But I still try my best, and I usually get what I want.

Here are a few things I do when working on a project:

1. I start with tea. It's important.

2. I read the scope. Sometimes.

3. I try to understand the scope This can be tricky.

4. I start writing code. It usually works.

5. I test the code. Sometimes.

6. I send the code to review. And hope it doesn't break anything.

Jokes aside, some words about me

I'm a front-end developer who specializes in creating interfaces that are so good, they'll make you cry. I'm also a master of accessibility, speed, and user love. My numerous programming projects have given me the skills to code like a ninja, organize teams like a boss, think creatively like a genius, and communicate efficiently like a therapist. I'm passionate about creating and collaborating on projects that have a meaningful impact, so if you're looking for a front-end developer who can make your users laugh, cry, and love your product, I'm your guy.